A/Prof. Jamie Craig   (Chief Investigator)    

A/Prof Jamie Craig is a clinician-scientist with expertise in molecular biology and genetic analysis of complex traits. He leads a successful research group at Flinders University focussing on the identification and characterisation of genes for blinding eye diseases.
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Dr Kathryn Burdon   (Chief Investigator)     Google Scholar Profile

Dr Kathryn Burdon is a young investigator with an interest in molecular genetics. She currently directs the genetics lab in the Ophthalmology group at Flinders University.
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Shahrbanou (Shari) Javadiyan   (Masters Student)
Shari's research is aimed at identifying genes involved in congenital cataract formation.

Janette Hall   (Masters Student)
Janette is working towards developing an accredited genetic test for AMD risk prediction.

Ms Emmanuelle Souzeau   (Genetic Counsellor)
Emmanuelle is a trained genetic counsellor with expertise in patient counselling and medical research. Her main interests lies in the genetics of eye disease and the provision of support and education to patients and families.