Prof. Chris Hammond - Ophthalmic Genetics

Prof Hammond is Frost Chair of Clinical Ophthalmology at King’s College London. His research has focused on the genetics of myopia, glaucoma, and age-related cataract using –omics technologies including genome-wide association studies, whole-genome sequencing, and epigenetics.

A/Prof. Stuart McGregor - Statistical Genetics     Google Scholar Profile

A/Prof MacGregor is based at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) and is a Senior Research Fellow in the Queensland Statistical Genetics group, funded by an Australian NHMRC Career Development Award. His work includes the use of twin data to better understand quantitative trait variation and analysis of disease cohorts to identify disease susceptibility genes.

Prof. Ravi Savarirayan - Clinical Genetics

Prof Savarirayan is a clinical geneticist and Head of the Royal Children's Hospital Clinical Genetics Service in Melbourne. His special area of expertise is in the inherited disorders of the skeleton that cause short stature, arthritis and osteoporosis in both children and adults.

Prof. Margaret Otlowski - Ethics and Biobanking

Prof Otlowski is Dean and Head of School within the Faculty of Law at the University of Tasmania. Her main research interests and expertise are in the area of medical law and ethics; especially genetic discrimination, privacy and regulatory issues.