Dr Alex Hewitt   (Chief Investigator)     Google Scholar Profile

Dr Alex Hewitt is an early career clinician-scientist. His main research interests lie in genetic epidemiology and ocular disease, in particular the blinding disease glaucoma.
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Dr Paul Sanfilippo (Research Fellow)     Google Scholar Profile

Paul is an optometrist with a keen research interest in the genetics of eye disease. In 2012 he completed his PhD examining heritable features of optic disc morphology.
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Dr Helena Liang (Research Fellow)    

Helena is a Chinese trained ophthalmologist with clinical and laboratory research experience in the USA, China and Australia. She is currently working on the application of induced pluripotency stem cells in ophthalmology.
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Ms Lisa Kearns (Research Assistant)     Google Scholar Profile
Lisa is an orthoptist and associate genetic counsellor involved in several studies investigating the genetics of retinal dystrophies and hereditary optic neuropathy. Her clinical expertise in the testing and interpretation of vision electrophysiology is invaluable to the TOGER CRE.
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Ms Sandra Staffieri (PhD Candidate)      Google Scholar Profile
Sandra is a clinical and research orthoptist. Her main area of clinical expertise is in paediatric ophthalmology including strabismus, glaucoma, cataract and retinoblastoma. Sandra is the Retinoblastoma Care Co-ordinator at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne and has recently commenced post-graduate studies. Her thesis will explore reasons for delayed diagnosis of retinoblastoma as well as develop, implement and evaluate an eye-health awareness program for parents as a possible solution.
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